6 Steps to choosing your loupes

When it comes to choosing your loupes it can be very confusing with all the different types, brands and features.

We put this guide together to help you choose the best loupes to fit your needs.



Choosing magnification should depend on the kind of work you do. For the majority of professionals and students 2.5x and 3.0x are most popular as they are much easier to get used to and they provide the largest field of view. This makes them the best choice for procedures such as scaling, restorations and anterior crown preps.

A higher magnification of 3.5x-5.0x are more useful for specialists or those whose work is usually focused on 2-4 teeth at a time as the field of view is reduced at higher magnifications. Higher magnifications are particularly useful for endodontic treatments, crown preps and implants.

2-Field of view:

The amount of teeth you see in magnification. Usually the higher the magnification the smaller the field of view. A bigger field also makes getting used to the magnified vision much easier, that's why a lower magnification is better for first time loupes users.

A good quality pair of loupes is one that uses high quality lenses so it doesn't compromise on field of view whilst providing good magnification. 

Check our panoramic loupes providing the world's largest field of view: https://bit.ly/349s7Ti 

3-Depth of focus:

The vertical area that is visible and in focus. Although this one is usually overlooked but it's an important aspect when choosing your loupes. The larger the depth of field the less you'll need to move your neck or the patient to stay in focus.

Achieving a bigger depth of focus requires an advanced technology to make thin lenses in order to maintain the other aspects of the telescopes as well. 

4-Lens quality: 

Another aspect of choosing loupes that is usually overlooked despite it being the most important. Lens quality differs according to the minerals used to make the glass and also the type of glass used in the telescopes. It's also to do with the engineering of the lenses to ensure they have the best resolution and minimal aberration or distortion so it doesn't cause headaches or eye strains.

Our loupes are manufactured using the finest crown glass made from the purest minerals. This means they have unrivalled resolution with absolutely no aberration or distortion. They have CE, ISO and FDA approvals and certificates which means they are made to best European and International standards


It's very important for loupes to be comfortable as you'll be wearing it for a long time every day. 

Alpha loupes come with an optional elastic band which can be easily interchanged with the plastic frame for more comfort at longer appointment. The forehead part of the frame is also cushioned for extra comfort.

6-TTL vs Flip-up: 

TTL (through the lens) means telescopes are fitted through the main lenses of the glasses which makes it lighter than flip-ups where the telescopes are in front of the lenses. This also makes the TTL much lighter due to not having to use the hinge mechanisms used for flip-ups.  

If you have any questions or need any help choosing your loupes, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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