Q: How are your loupes so cheap?

1-We operate completely on our online store and have no reps and no offices. 

2-Our dental loupes are designed in a way that every single part is detachable which means we can mass produce most parts and this way we save a lot on manufacturing costs, Clever huh ;)

Q: Do you sell cheap/low quality products from China?

No we don't. All our loupes and headlights are CE and ISO certified which means they comply with high European quality standards. They're also widely sold in many other countries like Japan and the USA.

 Q: Do your low prices mean bad quality optics?

Absolutely not. As mentioned above, we save money on so many aspects and reflect that in our prices. Our telescopes are one area where we DO NOT save money on. We ensure they are made to the highest standards and even better than a lot of other big brands!!