Alpha X2

The Curing Light for Everything

Alpha X2 curing light has a wide spectrum (385-515nm) which means it can cure any dental material including those with camphorquinone and the entire range of proprietary photoinitiators. A powerful LED of up to 2300W/cm2 is capable of curing your composites in just 3 seconds

Cure it anywhere.

Our clever 180 degree rotating head design means you can easily reach any area in the mouth whilst holding the light in the same ergonomic position, You just turn the light towards it. Simple.

product image
product image

Powerful inside out

Alpha X2 comes in a strong Aluminium casing making it extremely sturdy and durable. It's made to last.

Fast Wireless Charging

Alpha X2 comes with a wireless charging pod which means you can just snap and go.

product image