Why Alpha Loupes?


Our patented modular loupes design means every single part can be replaced. This means you can upgrade the magnification, change the frame or replace a broken part without having to buy a whole new set of loupes


Our modified sports frames are made of an elastic high polymer material which gives it outstanding anti-deformation properties that reach to 620kg/cm² and extremely light weight for the most comfortable fit.


Optical Quality:

  • The telescopes are made from the finest Borosilicate Crown glass with multilayer coating, reducing light reflection.
  • The achromatic telescopes provide a high resolution field of vision as well as maintaining a long depth of field.
  • The additional front-end protectors reduces harmful blue light by 25% providing maximum protection for your eyes.


  • Special padded frame cushioning provides maximum comfort as well as giving you a more snug fit for improved retention. 
  • The frame is designed in a way that ensures the weight is distributed across and supported by the nose pad, the ear frame and the temple cushion.
  • An exchangeable elastic head band to replace the plastic frame providing more stability and even better overall comfort for longer appointments.

 And more:

Lifetime warranty on all our loupes.

✅ World-class customer service.

✅ Try now, pay later option.

✅ Interest free payment plans available.